Advantages of cooperation

Application possibilities

Our company invites transportation companies to cooperate with us. We are interested in partnership with reliable carriers, capable of providing quality fulfillment of orders and high level of service.

We are ready to provide a stable flow of orders, fast payment and long-term cooperation. Become part of our team and contribute to the creation of an exceptional logistics system.

We strive for excellence in freight management, and your participation will help achieve that goal. Together we will work to ensure not only efficiency and accuracy in delivery, but also to create standards of excellence in the logistics world.

Join our team, where your skills and enthusiasm will be key elements of shared success..

Possibilities of application

Variety of cargo
Our company specializes in working with a wide range of cargo. We organize transportation of industrial raw materials, various equipment, consumer goods and much more. Thanks to this diversity, you have the opportunity to choose the most convenient and favorable for you cargo and terms of cooperation. Our flexible system of work allows us to adapt to any needs and requirements, providing you with comfort and confidence in every transaction.
Diverse geography
We have the ability to operate in all European countries, allowing you to choose the best routes and destinations according to your business needs. Our presence in different regions provides you with a wide range of opportunities to develop and expand your business. Our team of professionals is ready to offer you the best solutions to ensure efficient and successful logistics.
Financial stability
We ensure prompt payment for each transportation performed. Our financial reliability allows you to be confident in the stability of our partnership. Our goal is to ensure not only effective cooperation, but also long-term relationships.
Professional team
Our company employs experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of logistics, who are always ready to provide you with the necessary support and expert advice. Our team works hard to ensure efficient interaction and excellent service at every stage of cooperation.

Requirements for the transportation company

Experience in international logistics
Reputation in the road transportation market
Qualified management
Wide geography of transportation across Europe
Availability of CMR insurance
Availability of ADR license

Fleet requirements

Truck tractor of Euro 6 standard
Number of fastening straps (from 13 units)
Availability of anti-slip mats
Payload 22-23 tons
Availability of GPS navigation
Personal protective equipment for drivers
We hope that our carrier partners will not only be committed to the corporate philosophy of SEIVE PRO SOLUTIONS, LLC, but also actively cooperate to achieve common goals. We count on your ability to effectively fulfill our customers' requirements and continuously improve the quality of our services. A strategic approach to concluding long-term contracts, taking into account the market situation, is a key element for us, which can ensure stability and transparency in our relationships with partners.

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Rest assured that we are ready to provide you with all the information and support you need at any time. Whether it's day or night, your shipments are always under our reliable control.


Provide efficient communication to save our customers time. We book loading slots, coordinate documentation and resolve any operational issues related to transportation.


We carefully study the requirements of the shipper, control the loading stage, verify the quantity and name of the cargo by photofixing each item, and coordinate all documents with the client and the broker.

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